The Parish does not run itself; it requires the talents, energy and time of many volunteers to keep it going. The Rector is the only paid member of staff and is responsible for leading worship and the spiritual care of the parishioners. The Wardens are responsible for the church property and in ensuring that all the bills are paid in a timely fashion. At the Church of the Ascension, there are two wardens (Ken Winfield – Rector’s Warden; Ralph Mounter – People’s Warden) and a Deputy Warden (Wayne Bonas). There is also a church board with representatives from the different parish groups that meet on a monthly basis to plan and to report on the day to day running of the church. Board members are elected on a yearly basis at the Annual Vestry Meeting. The whole congregation meets annually as Vestry to elect officers, approve budgets, and make policy decisions. Parish Council oversees the ongoing work of the parish and makes decisions on behalf of the Vestry. This includes spiritual growth and community activities, as well as the administrative and financial activities.

The Parish Office is usually open in the mornings from Tuesday to Friday. It is suggested that if you wish to speak to the Rector that you call the church office to make an appointment. Baptisms and Weddings require three (3) months notice.


  • Rector: The Ven. Anne Germond
  • ACW President: Cathy Dionne
  • Altar Guild: Anne Trimmer
  • Board Members at Large: Dave Fowler, Noella Fowler, Matt Walchuk, Doug Frozel, Pippa Howard, Michael Sheppard, Brent Leigh, Don McLeod, Chris Cawte, Marie Vitone
  • Bulletin Editor: Glenn Lloyd
  • Child/Youth Ministry: Cindy Caines
  • Coffee Hour Convener: Kay Winfield or Anne Trimmer, and Noella Fowler for 9:00am
  • Envelope Secretary: Gladys Abigail
  • Finance: Cathy Dionne
  • Flower Convener: Anne Trimmer
  • Greeters: All Board Members
  • Hall Rental Coordinator: Marlene Moulton
  • Honourable Associates: The Reverend Robert Derrenbacker, The Reverend Rhonda Hirst
  • Mission & Outreach: Anne Trimmer
  • Music – Electric Kazoo: Erma Howe
  • Music – Choir: Roz Jones
  • Newsletters: The Ven. Anne Germond
  • Parish Auditor: Dave Fowler
  • Parish Life: Kathryn Greenidge
  • Parish Council Members & Synod Delegates: Jennifer Ames, Cathy Jewell, Catherine Bird-Heuft (alternate)
  • Property: Wardens
  • PWRDF Representative: Pippa Howard
  • Readers/Prayers for the People: The Ven. Anne Germond, Roz Jones
  • Server’s Guild: Pippa Howard, Teresa Kernan
  • Treasurer: Cathy Dionne
  • Vestry Clerk: Ralph Mounter
  • Webmaster: Kathryn Greenidge
  • Worship & Pastoral Care: Rev. Anne and Brent Leigh
  • Wardens: Erma Howe, Rector’s Warden; Anne Trimmer, People’s Warden; Harley Moulton, Deputy Warden
  • Youth Representative to the Board: David Caines

A Parish Leaders Manual is available for download here (234 kb pdf)