Sunday after Sunday throughout the year the Ascension is a lively place of worship. Young and old, newcomers and strangers all gather to give glory to God in our beautiful sanctuary. It is indeed a safe place for people to sing, pray, give thanks, laugh, share communion, and even shed a few tears. Guests to the Ascension or regular attendees receive a warm welcome from greeters and sidespeople, as well as those they sit next to in church.

We are fortunate to be able to offer two services of worship on a Sunday at 9am and 11am. Usually we use the rite in the Book of Alternative Services, but if there is a fifth Sunday in the month, we use the worship rite from the Book of Common Prayer.

It is said that liturgy is the ‘work of the people’ and this is true at the Church of the Ascension. We have very active participation in our services through our laity those who prepare the bulletins, prepare the altar for worship, read the Scriptures, lead the Prayers of the People, sing in the choir, lead contemporary music, serve as Eucharistic assistants, servers, crucifers, and as Lay Readers. Philip Balson continues to play the organ/piano at the 11am service, while Eleanor Connors joins us twice monthly at the 9am service. EK, our contemporary music group offers their music ministry as often as they are able. During these services, the service is projected on the screen, and this makes it so much easier to follow along.

In the last couple of years, the Ascension welcomed a number of families and individuals from St. Mark’s Church in Garson, and St. James Lockerby after they made the decision as a congregation to close their church building. Within a short time they felt right at home in our midst and are involved in the life of the parish. We are a very welcoming community and if you are planning on joining us for worship ask that you make yourself known to the priest or sides people so that we can welcome you formally to our congregation.