Throughout the church year, in addition to the two great festivals of Easter and Christmas, there are a number of other occasions for us to celebrate at the Ascension.

Baptisms are always a great celebration as we welcome the newly baptised into the fellowship of the church. It is wonderful to see family members and friends gathered around the font Ahead of the baptism ceremony we love to hear parents reading a special letter that they write to their child, reminding them how much they are loved, and just what their baptism means to them.

The ACW presents each candidate for Baptism a ‘Hope Bear’ as a gift of welcome into our faith community. The Hope Bear is purchased through the Anglican Foundation and arrives wearing a baptismal gown. The proceeds from of the ‘Hope Bear’ is given to children of northern Canada to help meet their needs.

Baptismal instruction with the rector of the parish takes place ahead of any Baptism, and those interested in Baptism for their babies, children, or would like to be baptised as an adult are asked to attend church so that we may get to know you, and so that you may get to know us. Please contact the office at 705.566.2790 for more information about Baptism.

Confirmations: If you would like to get more information on the upcoming confirmation class, please call 705.566.2790 to get details and sign up. We always have room to add one more!

Marriage at the Ascension: If you’ve got a wedding coming up and are interested in marriage in the church, please contact the Rector of the Ascension, the Fr. Aidan Armstrong, who will be glad to meet with you to discuss marriage in the church.